selected book chapters

  • Get Lost in All Directions. In Taiwan Step. Taiwan, 2014.
  • A Room – A Drawing Installation and Beyond, by Yuen-yi Lo. In The Yearbook of Ox Warehouse 2011. Macau: Ox Warehouse, 2013.
  • Artist’s Profile. In Hong Kong Eye: Contemporary Hong Kong Art. Eds. Serenella Ciclitira & Chang Tsong-Zung. Milan: Skira, 2013. -
  • Retrospective. In Ox Magazine. Ed. Tomas Tse. Macau: Ox Warehouse, 2012. -
  • She’s Silently Breaking the Silence. In Lily’s Graffiti Walls. Lau Lee-Lee. Taipei: Sunflower Publishing, 2011.
  • A Thinking Process Upon the Election of CEO. In What if 97 Ideal CEOs of Hong Kong, Roundtable & Friends, 2006.
  • Utterance. In Responses: Intercultural Drawing Practice. Ed. Chuhan, Jagjit. Liverpool: Liverpool Art School, 2001.
  • The Green is Always There. In Weeping and Laughing: Grannies’ Oral History. Tsang, Gar Yin et al. Hong Kong: Association for the Advancement of Feminism, 1998.
  • Rice with Garlic. In Eating and Drinking – Women’s Narratives. Ed. Kong, King Chu. Hong Kong: Stepforward Multi-media, 1997.

selected media writings

  • “Drawing the Writing”. Column writing in arts and culture, Hong Kong Mingpao, 2006-2009. -
  • A Room. In Journal Informacao Son Pou, Macau, September 30, 2011.